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Paula Molina

I am a journalist. I am Radio anchor and editor at Cooperativa, leading Radio News Company in Chile. I worked on the creation and development of the programs "Lo Que Queda del día" and "La Historia Es Nuestra" where we proposed new languages to addressing the traditional role of audio news. Today, I explore the coincidences and divergences among audio, radio and podcast. I am live on the radio from Monday to Friday, 4 to 6 pm.

I write on BBC Mundo, the Spanish site of the BBC World News Service, a position that gives me an invaluable chance to observe and describe my political and social environment from new perspectives.

I am one of the three creators of LaBot, the first news robot in Chile. Together, with Francisca Skoknic and Andrea Insuza, and with advice from Spanish Politibot, we work on LaBot as a means to disseminate data journalism, research, and graphics among others.

I write interviews and features for El Mercurio newspaper.

I graduated from the University of Chile and received the honor of being named Outstanding Graduate of its School of Journalism.

I am a Master in Public Policies of the Adolfo Ibáñez University.

In 2012 I was named Nieman Fellow of Harvard University.

As part of that experience, and in gratitude for the lessons learned at Harvard, I began to work on a series of stories about Chile as a learning space for some of the world's leading academics. I published part of those stories as an e-book for the anniversary of the Regional Office of the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studios of Harvard in Santiago. The book will be published on paper and in Spanish during 2018.

I developed the app !nstant for the "News Participatory Media" course at MIT, along with my colleagues Alex García, Ludovic Blecher and Borja Echevarría. We received one of the funds for journalism innovation of the Knight Foundation of the University of Texas.

I received the Elena Caffarena Award, which recognizes the contribution of women, in my case, in the media.

I am a counselor at Comunidad Mujer, an independent organization dedicated to promoting women's rights.

I'm Bruno and Antonio's mother. Everything else can change.